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Founder and Creative Director

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Anjana is a Designer with an MA in Design Management and Cultures from the University of the Arts London and a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons, The New School for Design in New York. Her professional background involves Branding, Graphic design and Advertising and she has worked on projects for Daymond John, Pencils of Promise, Scholastic, HGTV, Rediff, Hoyos Labs, Gala Group to name a few. She also has significant experience in retail and has worked on designs for stores such as Ross, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory. Anjana takes special interest in multi-sensorial and dynamic branding. She has worked with brands globally across the United States, Europe and Asia which drives her to create work that is culturally sensitive. She believes in delivering smart simplicity and impact through her work.


Digital Consultant

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Karan is a full-stack web developer with over 5 years of experience in frontend and backend development, testing, debugging, and training staff within e-commerce technologies. He specializes in UI/UX design, in addition to being well versed in multiple scripting languages, frameworks, and relational database administration. Karan's solution-oriented approach allows him to break down complex technical problems, optimize web functionalities, and improve data retrieval and workflow efficiencies.

Your go-to person for

all things digital


Why does a fashion designer choose to only wear black or white? Why does an expert perfumer choose not to wear perfume? The most logical answer is that there is no room for bias in creativity. Biases influence ideas and limit imagination. We like to think in the absence of existing restraints or commitments. We believe in exploring new perspectives and having a growth mindset. We deliberately 'unbranded' ourselves so we can listen better, and help you build the brand you envision. 



"Just get me on the boat!"


This package is recommended for those who plan to launch a new brand or revamp their existing brand identity. This is ideal for small businesses with a limited budget that just require basic branding materials to get started and gain instant visibility. 

Package includes:

  1. Brand Discovery and Strategy

  2. Logo (With Variations)

  3. Business Cards

  4. Letterheads and Envelopes

  5. Branded Email Signature

  6. Social Media Profile Graphics


"Make me my own

brand universe"


This package is recommended for those who plan to launch a new brand or revamp their existing brand identity in a larger scale. This is ideal for businesses who want to build a robust brand foundation and have their own tailored brand universe that sets them apart.

  1. Brand Discovery and Strategy

  2. Logo Systems (With Variations)

  3. Business Cards

  4. Letterheads and Envelopes

  5. Branded Folder

  6. Branded Email Signature

  7. Brochures and Flyers

  8. Package Design

  9. Marketing Collateral/ Swag

  10. Environmental Graphics

  11. Website/E-commerce

  12. Social Media Graphics

  13. Branded Newsletters

  14. Brand Manual

Package includes:


"I do not like

cookie-cutter services"


We are all for tailor made packages. We can create a custom design package just for you! Check out the services we offer and reach out to us with your requirements. Trust us when we say we are great listeners!

  1. Brand Identity

  2. Package Design

  3. Website Design

  4. E-Commerce Website Design

  5. Corporate Event Branding

  6. Wedding Branding

  7. Environmental Graphics

  8. Book Design

  9. Surface Patterns and Illustrations

  10. Social Media Graphics

  11. App Prototypes

  12. Market Research

  13. Brand Consulting

  14. Art and Design Webinars

Services we offer

Selected Clients

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- Cider & Milk

- White & Yellow Cafe

- D Magazine

- Base

- Kitu

- Hansen Fashion

- Marcus Berg

- Adonis Oil

- Better Bakehouse

- Vito Coffee

- Arte Artifacts

- Seasalt

- Tune Speaker

- Alpha Source

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